Our Comprehensive Guide to Managing your Social Media

social media marketing

As the world changes and social media plays a more prominent role in everyday life, we’ve seen a huge uptick in the number of business owners that are looking for ways to make their social media run more smoothly, leaving them focused on what’s important: their customers. Break down our comprehensive guide, where we dish […]

5 Strategies to get started with Digital Marketing for the Education Industry

Digital marketing for education industry

Traditional marketing and advertising is now outdated. With the exponential growth of the internet, online marketers are finding new ways to advertise their product or service. Digital marketing is quick, simple and needs little to no capital to start. Global Trends in Education This blog post is all about educational businesses and what they need […]

The Future of the Digital Marketing Industry

future of digital marketing

Traditional marketing is fading and fast becoming a relic of the past, with “Digital Titans” such as Google’s YouTube and Facebook dominating the scene, followed closely by chatbots- technology that responds to keywords in conversations, and full-fledged AI devices such as Amazon’s Alexa. Our world has shifted from ‘what we see’ to ‘what we search […]

Why all businesses need to specifically invest in digital marketing

Benefits of Digital Marketing

You might be thinking that marketing doesn’t matter as much as you think it does. You are wrong, you need promotion and marketing so the word can get out about your organization. Today, Digital Marketing is the most important part of any Entrepreneur’s marketing strategy for their business. Digital Marketing has great advantages, like increased […]